Week 12- Classmate Interview- Kimberly Carrasco

Week twelve in the art galleries I had a chance to meet and have a conversation with fellow classmate Kimberly Carrasco. Kimberly told me that she is a sophomore at CSULB this year how exciting ! I thought it was really cool that Kimberly is a sociology major. I took sociology last semester for the first time and I really enjoyed the class, it was really intriguing to me. Kimberly told me that she works with a professor with the  undergraduate research opportunity program. She told me that they have been working on a poster to present recently  on the subjects autism and equity. Kimberly’s favorite color is red! She also told me that she is from the city of Lynwood and played soccer until she was in tenth grade and had to stop to focus on school more. Kimberly also has some siblings; one brother and one sister.


Kimberly commutes to school by taking the bus. Kimberly told me that this summer she would like to volunteer somewhere, maybe the youth center by her house to work with kids. I also asked Kimberly in what she was interested in doing after college. She told me that she would like to be an autism therapist for kids, but she is still not sure. One thing she is sure about is that she would like a job where she can be around kids and help them. I thought it was really cool that she said she has traveled to Mexico before and she would also love to travel Europe. Specifically places that has nice beaches because she enjoys going to the beach. Kimberly’s favorite food is hot wings and I also love hot wings. I told her that she should try buffalo wild wings and she says that she will.


Week 11- Activity- Plaster Casting

This week eleven was to do plaster casting. I chose to do the activity at Seal Beach and had my boyfriend helped me with it. First of all, I went to Home Depot and bought the necessities. Such as plaster, a bucket, and stir sticks. I already had a shovel at my house so I didn’t have to spend money on that. Then we drove over to Seal Beach, found a good spot, and started to dig a whole in a damp enough part of the sand. I tried to make a mold of my hand in the sand a few times but the sand kept falling on it. Eventually the mold of my hand kept its shape a little so thats when I started to mix the plaster with some water. However thats where I messed up a little. The plaster was drying really fast in the bucket so I tried pouring It in the sand and It didn’t turn out very good:( . The result was not was I wanted but It was a good try haha. After the plaster casting I just stayed at the beach a little longer because the weather was nice  and I ended up having a good time at the beach.FullSizeRender[1] IMG_2865[1] IMG_2862[1]

Week 11- Artist interview- Arezoo Bharthania

This week 11, my favorite show in the art galleries this week helped me get out of my comfort zone because I chose a different form of art to view. I usually tend to be interested in art that has people as the subjects in paintings or drawings because I feel that I can connect to it and be more familiar with it . However, the art show in the Gatov Gallery East called Escape The Gaze of The Blind Censor was very different than paintings or drawings. The art show featured an arrangement of colorful fabrics hanging around the room that looked like curtains with different designs on them. The art show was artist Arezoo Bharthania’s  MFA Thesis Exhibition in partial fufillment of the studio art degree.

I found it very interesting with the descriptions posted around the room which had the title of the pieces along with something else written in a different language but I’m not sure what it is. It might have just been a translation as well. Moreover, the exhibition gave off a dark feeling to me with the dark colors of the curtains. Also the dripping of the paint in one piece made it seem as if it wasn’t supposed to look perfect. According to Bharthania, she feels that the curtains represent “shrouded restraints”  and “the other side of the curtain” was her home which I found very insightful.IMG_2757[1] IMG_2760[1]

Week 11- Classmate Interview- Valerie Arredondo

This week in the art galleries I had a chance to meet fellow classmate Valerie Arredondo and have a conversation with her. Valerie is a first year at CSULB just like me! She is from Long Beach like me as well but she attended my rival high school Poly. Valerie is a very athletic person and did swim in high school while I did soccer in high school. Valerie also plays for the club women’s rugby team at CSULB. She said that she used to be an art major but now she is a biology major. I asked her what she would like to do with that major and she said that she hopes to be a bio-medical illustrator. Valerie told me that she has two younger brothers one is sixteen and the other is twelve years old. Valerie told me that she has been working at Lowes as a cashier and says that she hates closing. I also hate closing at my job too haha.

I was surprised to learn that Valerie works thirty hours a week while balancing that with twelve units. I feel that would be really stressful and exhausting but Valerie says that she doesn’t really get sore from work. I also asked Valerie if shes ever traveled and she told me that she’s been to Mexico because that’s where her family is from, and I have also traveled to Mexico for that same reason. Valerie told me that she enjoys drawing and watching netflix on her free time. Her favorite food is Italian fettuccine alfredo. Valerie commutes to school but says that she wants to move out . Her favorite shows are Friends, How I Met your Mother, and Once Upon a Time. IMG_2756[1]

Week 10 – Artist Interview – Kaclica Chhin & Amanda Ruiz

This week during the art galleries the art show in the merlino gallery captured my attention the most. I found it very intriguing because the art show could be a very controversial topic that people do not really talk about and that’s what made it interesting to me. The art show that I visited was called ‘Curiosity killed the cat and SATISFACTION brought it back.’ It had a lot to do with exploring our human bodies in a sexual way. What i really liked the most about the show was how the artists were not afraid to talk about or display their art that circled around a topic that is a very sensitive one in our society. Most people are usually to scared  to admit or talk about in public the “definition of sex” . In our society today, many people according to Chhin and Ruiz are “rarely given all the information or encouragement we need to understand our individual sexualities and bodies”.

The art show had a many different things put together around the room that centered around our sexual bodies. Such as a wall of plaster that featured “parts of ourselves that we keep hidden”. It also displayed drawings of sexual acts that answers their question “what kind of sex are people having?”.  Also Chhin and Ruiz wanted the get the idea across that sex is not only the mechanics of the physical act, but “a state of mind” in their exhibitionIMG_2508[1]IMG_2505[1].

Week 10 – Classmate Interview- Daniela Hernandez

Week ten of the art gallery was pretty interesting. I had to rush to find someone to interview because I spent most of my class time in the art galleries looking at the art. But eventually I ran into Daniela and she gladly accepted to do an interview with me. So this week I had the pleasure of meeting a classmate named Daniela Hernandez. She seemed like a very cool person. She is a freshman and a journalism major. She was born and raised in Long beach just like me, but dorms at school. She also attended my high school’s rival school, Poly. I found out that she did dance in high school and enjoys working out at the gym.

Daniela told me that she has three sisters, two are older and one is younger. Her favorite foods are barbecue ribs, baked beans, and corn. She works as   a hostess at a restaurant at the Long Beach Museum of Art. Things she likes to do for fun are to hang out with friends, go shopping, and chilling at the beach. She also wants to minor in fashion merchandise and when she graduates she wants to work for a public relations firm and work for a fashion company doing promotional events. I also thought it was cool how she has visited mexico and Canada because I also want to travel even though i have been to Mexico before. She also wants to study abroad just like me. She wants to study in London and Paris just like me but also wants to study in Australia because she says it is tropical to her.   FullSizeRender (5)

Week 9- Artist interview- Tiffany Le

This week during the art galleries the art show in the merlino gallery captured my attention the most. I really love viewing paintings that have actual realistic subjects as the main focus of the art piece. I feel that I can have more of an opinion and view of about what the painting means to me. Furthermore, the painting which was the most beautiful to me and the one I enjoyed the most was Incongruous Fish by Tiffany Le which was part of the Advancement Show. This art piece was rather large compared to others and was produced with watercolor and color pencils. It features an arrangement of colors that matched beautifully.

The painting itself seemed to be little paintings all connected to each other. In a whole, It exhibited a sea of fish of different colors swimming among  each other. According the Tiffany Le’s description, her background of growing up in a “Confucian based household” has influenced her art work to challenge “confining boundaries” such as the fish “contrast the  flowing movements” in the piece. Le explains how this painting was based off of her study abroad trip to China in which “the depiction of the fish and the minute changes in their swimming patterns”. All in all, this painting was very intriguing to the eyes with the way the colors came together to create a sea of fish that Tiffany Le wanted to show as a reflection of her travels. FullSizeRender (4)