Week 15- Artist Interview- Sara Garcia

This week in the art galleries was the Drawn Out 2015 BFA Illustration/Animation Senior Show. I was really intrigued by all of the beautiful animation pieces because I had never seen anything like it before in the art galleries. I thought it was really cool and I loved looking at every piece of work. In particular, I really loved artist Sara Garcia’s exhibition. I loved all the pastel colors she used for her illustrations and the characters she was bringing to life on paper. Looking at each illustration I could see there was a small caption telling what was happening like a narration. I loved this the most because I wanted to know more about what was happening in the picture.


According to Garcia, she is a “head in the clouds kind of person”. She daydreams a lot when the real world becomes tough. As a sort of escape, she imagines stories about “fairy tales and fantasy” and this is what influences her work. She also has her stories take place in the past. I felt I could relate to Garcia’s work because I loved her escape from reality. The real world is tough and we all need something that can help us cope. For Garcia, that is drawing out stories from her daydreams and imaginations about a different time for her stories.



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