Week 14- Classmate Interview- Kylie Louthan

This week in the art galleries I had the chance to meet and have a conversation with fellow classmate Kylie Louthan. Kylie was a very nice person to talk to and a cool girl. Kylie is a first year at CSULB this year just like me so we had that in common. She is a film major also and wants to be a film editor as a career. She commutes from the City of Stanton which is close to Buena Park and Knotts berry Farm. Kylie attended Los Alamitos High School which I was familiar with because I went there for a soccer game in High School. I learned that Kylie played a sport in High School for four years as did I and she played tennis. She said that she really enjoyed the sport and did it for fun.


During our conversation Kylie and I talked a lot about our jobs and how we manage school with a job. She said that she works at a small movie theater in West Minister and  has been working there for three years! Kylie also told me that she was too young to be working when she got hired at the age of sixteen but the theater really needed new people. She said it was a little difficult working while being the youngest at her job and getting along with her co-workers. She says that the job is pretty easy for her. Kylie’s favorite food to eat is Mexican food and Italian food. her favorite movie is Kick Ass and Guardians of the Galaxy.


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