Week 13- Classmate interview- Alexx Dunk

This week in the art galleries I had the chance ti have a conversation with fellow classmate Alexx Dunk. Alexx was a really nice a friendly person to talk to and overall a cool person! Alexx is in her fouth year at CSULB and said that she is planning on staying a year and a half more. She is majoring in Biology and minoring in Chemistry. However, she said that it it getting very difficult and tough these last semesters beacause she took all her GE’s first, and now she’s piling up the hard classes. Alexx’s goal is to become a dentist and is going to be taking the dental admissions test this summer. She is stressed at the thought of having to study all summer for the test. Alexx is originally from San Diego dorms at the hillside dorms.


What I thought was pretty unique and funny is that Alexx says that she wanted to attend CSULB because of the band Sublime which is her favorite band and she loves rock music as do I! I told her that my favorite band as a kid and still is is Paramore and she said that she likes them too. Alexx has been working at Hooters for two years and she started working there since she was eighteen. Alexx told me that she enjoys working at Hooters because its fun and defended what people think about her job and said that its a family restaurant. Alexx aldo told me that she has a younger brother which she is concerned about when he leaves too college soon because he is nervous. She also is very artistic and enjoys painting in her free time. Her favorite food is quesadillas  because she likes cheese and is a picky eater.


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