Week 13- Artist Interview- Shihori Nakayama

This week in the art galleries i found myself intrigued in the Dutzi Gallery. The art show was called Recapturing the Moment by artist Shihori Nakayama. It was Nakayama’s Illustration MA Thesis Exhibition show. The art pieces in the exhibit were beautiful and I really loved the little details that went into every drawing. Nakayama combined pen and ink drawings and prints for her art pieces. What I thought was really unique in this exhibit was how the artists didn’t just want the viewer to look at each drawing, but to look closer and see what is really there. There seemed to be so much detail in each pieces throughout the drawings and it made me want to look at what the smaller, fainter images were.


According to Nakayama, the drawings in the exhibit were imagery based on her personal life. Her drawings aim “exploring specific memories” and trying to “reclaim those significant moments in her life”. One thing Nakayma enjoyed from this process of creating these pieces was “creating line and mark through pen and ink”. The artist’s goal was to “create a world that engages viewers to look closely into all the details and be lost in that moment”. This exhibit was truly a journey in which Nakayama takes us on, to look into her memories that she has recreated with her detailed  drawings and prints so the viewer can look closer and not just the big picture but the specific points behind it.


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