Week 12- Classmate Interview- Kimberly Carrasco

Week twelve in the art galleries I had a chance to meet and have a conversation with fellow classmate Kimberly Carrasco. Kimberly told me that she is a sophomore at CSULB this year how exciting ! I thought it was really cool that Kimberly is a sociology major. I took sociology last semester for the first time and I really enjoyed the class, it was really intriguing to me. Kimberly told me that she works with a professor with the  undergraduate research opportunity program. She told me that they have been working on a poster to present recently  on the subjects autism and equity. Kimberly’s favorite color is red! She also told me that she is from the city of Lynwood and played soccer until she was in tenth grade and had to stop to focus on school more. Kimberly also has some siblings; one brother and one sister.


Kimberly commutes to school by taking the bus. Kimberly told me that this summer she would like to volunteer somewhere, maybe the youth center by her house to work with kids. I also asked Kimberly in what she was interested in doing after college. She told me that she would like to be an autism therapist for kids, but she is still not sure. One thing she is sure about is that she would like a job where she can be around kids and help them. I thought it was really cool that she said she has traveled to Mexico before and she would also love to travel Europe. Specifically places that has nice beaches because she enjoys going to the beach. Kimberly’s favorite food is hot wings and I also love hot wings. I told her that she should try buffalo wild wings and she says that she will.


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