Week 12- Artist Interview- Katherine Cox

This week in the art galleries I really loved the art show in the Dutzi Gallery! The show was a ceramic show by Katherine Cox called Domestic Implications and it was her BFA Exhibition .  I felt I could really relate to this style of art because I took a ceramic class when i was in tenth grade in High School and i really loved it. Although my ceramic class was just a beginner class i felt like i could connect to the art pieces. I thought the pieces were so beautiful from the designs on each piece like the flowers, bears, and wolves, to the glaze color on each pot that shared the same color which was like a light blue color that I thought looked really beautiful and connected each piece to each other.


While I was viewing the art pieces around the room, I felt some ” Human experiences” as Cox described that we, as the audience are going to feel when being “drawn into the natural elements of the piece”. Such as the pieces that were decorated with flowers on the pots were according to Cox ” suggest a presence of the ideals of femininity”. I couldn’t help but be captivated and intrigued by the flowers because as Cox pointed out, it appeals to me being a woman. FullSizeRender[1]



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