Week 11- Classmate Interview- Valerie Arredondo

This week in the art galleries I had a chance to meet fellow classmate Valerie Arredondo and have a conversation with her. Valerie is a first year at CSULB just like me! She is from Long Beach like me as well but she attended my rival high school Poly. Valerie is a very athletic person and did swim in high school while I did soccer in high school. Valerie also plays for the club women’s rugby team at CSULB. She said that she used to be an art major but now she is a biology major. I asked her what she would like to do with that major and she said that she hopes to be a bio-medical illustrator. Valerie told me that she has two younger brothers one is sixteen and the other is twelve years old. Valerie told me that she has been working at Lowes as a cashier and says that she hates closing. I also hate closing at my job too haha.

I was surprised to learn that Valerie works thirty hours a week while balancing that with twelve units. I feel that would be really stressful and exhausting but Valerie says that she doesn’t really get sore from work. I also asked Valerie if shes ever traveled and she told me that she’s been to Mexico because that’s where her family is from, and I have also traveled to Mexico for that same reason. Valerie told me that she enjoys drawing and watching netflix on her free time. Her favorite food is Italian fettuccine alfredo. Valerie commutes to school but says that she wants to move out . Her favorite shows are Friends, How I Met your Mother, and Once Upon a Time. IMG_2756[1]


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