Week 11- Artist interview- Arezoo Bharthania

This week 11, my favorite show in the art galleries this week helped me get out of my comfort zone because I chose a different form of art to view. I usually tend to be interested in art that has people as the subjects in paintings or drawings because I feel that I can connect to it and be more familiar with it . However, the art show in the Gatov Gallery East called Escape The Gaze of The Blind Censor was very different than paintings or drawings. The art show featured an arrangement of colorful fabrics hanging around the room that looked like curtains with different designs on them. The art show was artist Arezoo Bharthania’s  MFA Thesis Exhibition in partial fufillment of the studio art degree.

I found it very interesting with the descriptions posted around the room which had the title of the pieces along with something else written in a different language but I’m not sure what it is. It might have just been a translation as well. Moreover, the exhibition gave off a dark feeling to me with the dark colors of the curtains. Also the dripping of the paint in one piece made it seem as if it wasn’t supposed to look perfect. According to Bharthania, she feels that the curtains represent “shrouded restraints”  and “the other side of the curtain” was her home which I found very insightful.IMG_2757[1] IMG_2760[1]


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