Week 10 – Classmate Interview- Daniela Hernandez

Week ten of the art gallery was pretty interesting. I had to rush to find someone to interview because I spent most of my class time in the art galleries looking at the art. But eventually I ran into Daniela and she gladly accepted to do an interview with me. So this week I had the pleasure of meeting a classmate named Daniela Hernandez. She seemed like a very cool person. She is a freshman and a journalism major. She was born and raised in Long beach just like me, but dorms at school. She also attended my high school’s rival school, Poly. I found out that she did dance in high school and enjoys working out at the gym.

Daniela told me that she has three sisters, two are older and one is younger. Her favorite foods are barbecue ribs, baked beans, and corn. She works as   a hostess at a restaurant at the Long Beach Museum of Art. Things she likes to do for fun are to hang out with friends, go shopping, and chilling at the beach. She also wants to minor in fashion merchandise and when she graduates she wants to work for a public relations firm and work for a fashion company doing promotional events. I also thought it was cool how she has visited mexico and Canada because I also want to travel even though i have been to Mexico before. She also wants to study abroad just like me. She wants to study in London and Paris just like me but also wants to study in Australia because she says it is tropical to her.   FullSizeRender (5)


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