Week 10 – Artist Interview – Kaclica Chhin & Amanda Ruiz

This week during the art galleries the art show in the merlino gallery captured my attention the most. I found it very intriguing because the art show could be a very controversial topic that people do not really talk about and that’s what made it interesting to me. The art show that I visited was called ‘Curiosity killed the cat and SATISFACTION brought it back.’ It had a lot to do with exploring our human bodies in a sexual way. What i really liked the most about the show was how the artists were not afraid to talk about or display their art that circled around a topic that is a very sensitive one in our society. Most people are usually to scared  to admit or talk about in public the “definition of sex” . In our society today, many people according to Chhin and Ruiz are “rarely given all the information or encouragement we need to understand our individual sexualities and bodies”.

The art show had a many different things put together around the room that centered around our sexual bodies. Such as a wall of plaster that featured “parts of ourselves that we keep hidden”. It also displayed drawings of sexual acts that answers their question “what kind of sex are people having?”.  Also Chhin and Ruiz wanted the get the idea across that sex is not only the mechanics of the physical act, but “a state of mind” in their exhibitionIMG_2508[1]IMG_2505[1].


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