Week 9- Classmate interview- Candice Cheung

Week nine in the Art Galleries was very nice this week. I was able to meet and have a conversation with my classmate Candice Cheung! i met Candice after i had already viewed the art shows and decided to start on my attendance card. I sat next to her and asked her if she had interviewed anyone yet and so we introduced ourselves. Candice was a very easy person to talk to and a very friendly person. Me and Candice had some things in common, and one of them is that she is a freshman this year like me. She told me that she is from Temple City and is dorming here at CSULB. Candice told me that she came into CSULB as a pre-nursing major but the stress and competition of the nursing school was too much too handle. I can relate because I wasn’t even able to get into the nursing major when i applied. Furthermore, Candice just felt that in the end since the major was so competitive, she could just have it taken away from her so fast so she felt that it wasn’t the right choice for her. She felt a little scared of not getting into it so she decided to change her major.

Candice’s major now is in Human Development because she likes to help people. Her plan is to get her bachelors and then go to grad school for occupational therapy. Her goal is to be able to hep kids with special needs with everyday tasks which they need aide in. i asked her if working in a school with special needs children was where she wanted to work but she said she would hope to be able to work in a hospital. Candice told me that she hopes to find a job soon and get her license. Candice told me that she had a passion for dancing. She was in ballet since she was six years old but had to stop her senior year. I could really tell that she loved dancing and would want to continue it in a club maybe if she could find one. FullSizeRender (1)


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