Week 9- Artist interview- Tiffany Le

This week during the art galleries the art show in the merlino gallery captured my attention the most. I really love viewing paintings that have actual realistic subjects as the main focus of the art piece. I feel that I can have more of an opinion and view of about what the painting means to me. Furthermore, the painting which was the most beautiful to me and the one I enjoyed the most was Incongruous Fish by Tiffany Le which was part of the Advancement Show. This art piece was rather large compared to others and was produced with watercolor and color pencils. It features an arrangement of colors that matched beautifully.

The painting itself seemed to be little paintings all connected to each other. In a whole, It exhibited a sea of fish of different colors swimming among  each other. According the Tiffany Le’s description, her background of growing up in a “Confucian based household” has influenced her art work to challenge “confining boundaries” such as the fish “contrast the  flowing movements” in the piece. Le explains how this painting was based off of her study abroad trip to China in which “the depiction of the fish and the minute changes in their swimming patterns”. All in all, this painting was very intriguing to the eyes with the way the colors came together to create a sea of fish that Tiffany Le wanted to show as a reflection of her travels. FullSizeRender (4)


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