Week 8- Artist interview- Nolan Reiter

This week in the art galleries i found myself captivated by the art in the Gatov East Gallery. I usually am more into art that has people in it as the subjects because I feel that I can relate to it more better than abstract. This show displayed art pieces by artist Nolan Reiter who is a BFA printmaking major. Nolan Reiter described in his preview that his past five years of college has hugely shaped the way he views the world. He went through extensive research and conversations with various  individuals for his art  that is exhibited in the show. His goal was to “draw on the relevance of poster making as a graphic element and a way to draw in a viewer, and pass along information”.

The art piece that I liked the most was called untouchable. It featured a young boy looking stressed and worried in a close up. The art reminded me of pop art because of the colors that were used. Such as bright colors red and orange and green. I felt that the meaning of this art was very thoughtful and inspiring. Noalan Reiter was inspired about the scheduled caste in India known as the Dalit. Reiter describes how their treatment is unclean and “their failure to receive basic right is what inspired him to produce and create this art to picure them and acknowledge them as equals.IMG_2256


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