Week 7- Classmate Interview- Oumar Kamara

This week I met Oumar Kamara in the art galleries and we interviewed each other. This is Oumar’s second year at CSULB. He is an international business major!  Oumar is from Queens New York. How exciting i have always wanted to visit New York. He told me that he went to High School in San Diego. He also told me that he likes Long Beach because its diverse like San Diego.  Since he is not from Long Beach he dorms here. I thought it was very interesting and impressive that he told me he knows two other languages other than English. Oumar knows how to speak French and Wolof (West Africa).

Oumar told me that he is currently looking for a job. He used to work at Starbucks. Oumar is into sports. He used to play football when he was a little younger but he doesn’t anymore. For fun Oumar likes to hang out with his friends and go out to eat.  As i always do with my friends :D. Oumar likes to go to the gym and workout and exercise. He told me he enjoys listening to music as well. Oumar also has two siblings; two older brothers so he is the youngest in his family. Oumar told me that he is excited for spring break! His older brother is getting married and he is happy to go to their wedding. It was really nice meeting Oumar and I enjoyed interviewing him beacuse was really nice 🙂IMG_2147


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