Week 7- Artist Interview – Jennifer Oh

This week during the Art Shows my favorite show was in the Gatov west Gallery. The title of the show was called Breakdown which was a juried group exhibition. This gallery displayed beautiful photos that captured my attention. I love looking at photography trying to find the meaning behind the lens to find out what the photographer was thinking or feeling and interpreting it with my own view as well. However, the photo that captivated me the most was “Flawless” by Jennifer Oh. Jennifer Oh described the photo to be “… a piece from an ongoing series that questions the perception of female beauty”.

The photo was so simple yet had such a strong meaning to me . I felt like as a woman, I know we are pressured to meet an expectation of beauty and to look “appropriate” all the time in public. So, to do this we need to go through the process of putting on makeup which we have viewed as beauty. There are two photos side by side in the art piece. It is of the same girl and in one photo she has applied a lot of makeup to her face such as eyeliner, lipstick, and blush. In the other photo i think she looks just as beautiful by going natural with her face with no makeup. However, in our society people think that to look pretty we need makeup. Sadly, i felt emotional when i was looking at the photo because I know that i feel less confident without makeup and much more confident with makeup and I wish i didn’t. this piece demonstrated and questioned the perception of female beauty in a way that i could connect with it and i thought it was captivating.IMG_2142


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