Week 7 – Activity- Landscapes with a Corpse

This week our activity was Landscapes with a corpse! Right away at first thought i felt this activity was a little creepy and weird. However, then during class i thought of how interesting and fun it could really be :).  When i started thinking about the scene I could make of my own death i really wanted to imagine that i would die in peace ideally in my sleep. I know this sounds a little boring with no blood and all but this is really how i would want it to be. Death scares me so i wanted to make the scene is my own room with my corpse on my bed and the story being I died in my sleep.

To portray this I used dead flowers as my props to also symbolize death in my room.I wore my favorite black dress for the shots. I had my boyfriend take so many pictures from different angles and i chose two that I liked the most. The pictures kind of just look like i am sleeping haha. However, when i started to look at it from the view that I was dead it looked kind of creepy to me. All in all, i had fun with this activity and setting up my room with dead flowers as props and trying to look like a corpse.



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