Week 6- Classmate Interview- Maddie Vandenberg

This week I had the chance to meet and have a conversation with Maddie Vandenberg! Right away I thought Maddie had an interesting last name haha. She told me that its Dutch, and at her High School there were actually a lot of people with the same last name as her and I’ve never met anyone with that last name. Maddie told me that she went to Valley Christian High School and she played volleyball there. Maddie is a sophomore at CSULB this year, how exciting. She is currently majoring in Liberal Studies to teach. However, she is having doubts now and is thinking about switching to marketing. Maddie also told me that she works at her mom’s restaurant. She said that its like a bistro or cafe and she works a lot.

Furthermore, Maddie told me that she likes to do a lot of outdoors activities in her free time and go on adventures. She enjoys going to the beach a lot to surf and going hiking. Maddie told me that she is in a sorority at CSULB and she really likes it and she also plays on the club volleyball team. She also said that she is determined to get her masters degree.



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