Week 6- Artist interview- Romina Del Castillo

This week I wandered into the Gatov East Gallery and I looked at all the art pieces around the gallery. I thought they were very beautiful and I liked how most of them used people as the subjects in the piece. The name of the show was la Vie En Noir written in nice, fancy cursive letters on the wall. It means life in black and i was interested immediately in that theme and wanted to see what the pieces were about. A quote was posted on the wall by the rolling stones that said “I see a red door and i want to paint it black”. The theme of the show was probably inspired by this quote.The show was a duo drawing show that exhibited twelve large drawings. They were made by artists Emily Babbette and Romina Del Castillo. The description of the show was noir was the central theme. Also, the artists interpreted both literally, as an explanation of the color black and medium, and figuratively, being an inspiration for the content involved.

My favorite painting was called “Upside-down Jamie and Ace” by Romina Del Castillo. The production of this piece used charcoal, pastel, chalk, and color pencil. This art piece really stood out to me and caught my attention. The art piece centered around a girl and her dog that seemed to be lounging on a couch to me and the girl has her feet in the air. Also, The two main subjects; the girl and dog were in black and white , while the background and surroundings were in colors such as green and blue. This piece meant peace and tranquility to me from my point of view and i connected with it because I want peace and love to be able to rest and have my own time to think.IMG_2091


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