Week 6- Activity- Yarn Bombing

This week our activity was Yarn Bombing! Similar to graffiti bombing we did earlier in the semester. To get started I viewed the art that was on display in the  CSULB SOA Fiber Arts facilities on the 2nd Floor of FA2 to help me get inspired. I found one piece  that i thought was really nice interesting and had yarn around some of the sculpture. For my activity i decided to cut up this old pink shirt i had instead of knitting because i can’t do that haha. I looked around my house to find maybe a vase or something else to wrap the fabric with. I decided to use a plant in my house to perform the activity! To begin the process i cut up the shirt into strips of fabric. Then i started to wrap them around the branches of the plant. It was a nice way to get creative to figure out where exactly to wrap the fabric on the plant and i really liked the color of the fabric. During the process my arms started to hurt a little haha. But it was okay and it was pretty calming for me to do that for a while. I feel that yarn bombing and graffiti bombing can be pretty similar. However, i do think that yarn bombing is more feminine because you don’t really see a lot of men knitting or crocheting.  Also, people havent really exposed or put some value in yarn bombing that women mostly do so. So, i do think men’s work is usually valued more than women’s work including in the art world.IMG_2127 IMG_2126 IMG_2102


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