Week 9- Artist interview- Tiffany Le

This week during the art galleries the art show in the merlino gallery captured my attention the most. I really love viewing paintings that have actual realistic subjects as the main focus of the art piece. I feel that I can have more of an opinion and view of about what the painting means to me. Furthermore, the painting which was the most beautiful to me and the one I enjoyed the most was Incongruous Fish by Tiffany Le which was part of the Advancement Show. This art piece was rather large compared to others and was produced with watercolor and color pencils. It features an arrangement of colors that matched beautifully.

The painting itself seemed to be little paintings all connected to each other. In a whole, It exhibited a sea of fish of different colors swimming among  each other. According the Tiffany Le’s description, her background of growing up in a “Confucian based household” has influenced her art work to challenge “confining boundaries” such as the fish “contrast the  flowing movements” in the piece. Le explains how this painting was based off of her study abroad trip to China in which “the depiction of the fish and the minute changes in their swimming patterns”. All in all, this painting was very intriguing to the eyes with the way the colors came together to create a sea of fish that Tiffany Le wanted to show as a reflection of her travels. FullSizeRender (4)


Week 9- Classmate interview- Candice Cheung

Week nine in the Art Galleries was very nice this week. I was able to meet and have a conversation with my classmate Candice Cheung! i met Candice after i had already viewed the art shows and decided to start on my attendance card. I sat next to her and asked her if she had interviewed anyone yet and so we introduced ourselves. Candice was a very easy person to talk to and a very friendly person. Me and Candice had some things in common, and one of them is that she is a freshman this year like me. She told me that she is from Temple City and is dorming here at CSULB. Candice told me that she came into CSULB as a pre-nursing major but the stress and competition of the nursing school was too much too handle. I can relate because I wasn’t even able to get into the nursing major when i applied. Furthermore, Candice just felt that in the end since the major was so competitive, she could just have it taken away from her so fast so she felt that it wasn’t the right choice for her. She felt a little scared of not getting into it so she decided to change her major.

Candice’s major now is in Human Development because she likes to help people. Her plan is to get her bachelors and then go to grad school for occupational therapy. Her goal is to be able to hep kids with special needs with everyday tasks which they need aide in. i asked her if working in a school with special needs children was where she wanted to work but she said she would hope to be able to work in a hospital. Candice told me that she hopes to find a job soon and get her license. Candice told me that she had a passion for dancing. She was in ballet since she was six years old but had to stop her senior year. I could really tell that she loved dancing and would want to continue it in a club maybe if she could find one. FullSizeRender (1)

Week 8- Artist interview- Nolan Reiter

This week in the art galleries i found myself captivated by the art in the Gatov East Gallery. I usually am more into art that has people in it as the subjects because I feel that I can relate to it more better than abstract. This show displayed art pieces by artist Nolan Reiter who is a BFA printmaking major. Nolan Reiter described in his preview that his past five years of college has hugely shaped the way he views the world. He went through extensive research and conversations with various  individuals for his art  that is exhibited in the show. His goal was to “draw on the relevance of poster making as a graphic element and a way to draw in a viewer, and pass along information”.

The art piece that I liked the most was called untouchable. It featured a young boy looking stressed and worried in a close up. The art reminded me of pop art because of the colors that were used. Such as bright colors red and orange and green. I felt that the meaning of this art was very thoughtful and inspiring. Noalan Reiter was inspired about the scheduled caste in India known as the Dalit. Reiter describes how their treatment is unclean and “their failure to receive basic right is what inspired him to produce and create this art to picure them and acknowledge them as equals.IMG_2256

Week 8- Classmate Interview- Sonia Gore

This week in the art galleries i got to have a conversation and interview  Sonia Gore. Sonia is in her second year here at CSULB. Sonia told me that she went to Mayfair High School which is not very far and she commutes to school. Sonia also told me that she used to play basketball in High school and would also play soccer outside of school in AYSO. We both had a love of sports in common because I played soccer in High School. Sonia is majoring in accounting right now but she said her plan is she hopes to go to law school after she graduates. When I asked Sonia why she wanted to become a lawyer she said because they make good money haha more than doctors. However she said that she is also interested in the learning process that comes with it.

Sonia and I found ourselves talking about food lol. I love food! I said that I love any types of food including seafood and she said she doesn’t like it. I found it really interesting that Sonia travels a lot. Something that I have always hoped to do. She told me that she has traveled to Hong Kong, India, Dubai, London, and the Philippines. Sonia  said that she traveled to India because her parents are from there. Sonia seemed very excited to be starting an internship her uncle got her at a trucking company soon. She said that her family is very supportive of her. Sonia’s favorite TV show is called Revenge and she likes to hang out with friends and go to concerts in her free time. Sonia is going to a 2 chainz concert soon and she is very excited.IMG_2259

Week 7 – Activity- Landscapes with a Corpse

This week our activity was Landscapes with a corpse! Right away at first thought i felt this activity was a little creepy and weird. However, then during class i thought of how interesting and fun it could really be :).  When i started thinking about the scene I could make of my own death i really wanted to imagine that i would die in peace ideally in my sleep. I know this sounds a little boring with no blood and all but this is really how i would want it to be. Death scares me so i wanted to make the scene is my own room with my corpse on my bed and the story being I died in my sleep.

To portray this I used dead flowers as my props to also symbolize death in my room.I wore my favorite black dress for the shots. I had my boyfriend take so many pictures from different angles and i chose two that I liked the most. The pictures kind of just look like i am sleeping haha. However, when i started to look at it from the view that I was dead it looked kind of creepy to me. All in all, i had fun with this activity and setting up my room with dead flowers as props and trying to look like a corpse.


Week 7- Artist Interview – Jennifer Oh

This week during the Art Shows my favorite show was in the Gatov west Gallery. The title of the show was called Breakdown which was a juried group exhibition. This gallery displayed beautiful photos that captured my attention. I love looking at photography trying to find the meaning behind the lens to find out what the photographer was thinking or feeling and interpreting it with my own view as well. However, the photo that captivated me the most was “Flawless” by Jennifer Oh. Jennifer Oh described the photo to be “… a piece from an ongoing series that questions the perception of female beauty”.

The photo was so simple yet had such a strong meaning to me . I felt like as a woman, I know we are pressured to meet an expectation of beauty and to look “appropriate” all the time in public. So, to do this we need to go through the process of putting on makeup which we have viewed as beauty. There are two photos side by side in the art piece. It is of the same girl and in one photo she has applied a lot of makeup to her face such as eyeliner, lipstick, and blush. In the other photo i think she looks just as beautiful by going natural with her face with no makeup. However, in our society people think that to look pretty we need makeup. Sadly, i felt emotional when i was looking at the photo because I know that i feel less confident without makeup and much more confident with makeup and I wish i didn’t. this piece demonstrated and questioned the perception of female beauty in a way that i could connect with it and i thought it was captivating.IMG_2142

Week 7- Classmate Interview- Oumar Kamara

This week I met Oumar Kamara in the art galleries and we interviewed each other. This is Oumar’s second year at CSULB. He is an international business major!  Oumar is from Queens New York. How exciting i have always wanted to visit New York. He told me that he went to High School in San Diego. He also told me that he likes Long Beach because its diverse like San Diego.  Since he is not from Long Beach he dorms here. I thought it was very interesting and impressive that he told me he knows two other languages other than English. Oumar knows how to speak French and Wolof (West Africa).

Oumar told me that he is currently looking for a job. He used to work at Starbucks. Oumar is into sports. He used to play football when he was a little younger but he doesn’t anymore. For fun Oumar likes to hang out with his friends and go out to eat.  As i always do with my friends :D. Oumar likes to go to the gym and workout and exercise. He told me he enjoys listening to music as well. Oumar also has two siblings; two older brothers so he is the youngest in his family. Oumar told me that he is excited for spring break! His older brother is getting married and he is happy to go to their wedding. It was really nice meeting Oumar and I enjoyed interviewing him beacuse was really nice 🙂IMG_2147