Week 5- Classmate Interview- Katie Leyba

This week in the art galleries it took me a little longer to find someone to interview. As i looked around the gallery it seemed that everyone had someone to interview already. However, one more look around and someone introduced herself to me and it was Katie Leyba! So Katie and I interviewed each other last week and she was so nice and firendly. I learned many things about Katie during our conversation.

First of all, Katie Leyba is a sophomorIMG_2040e at CSULB. I am a freshman so it was nice to see things from a different point of view this time. She told me that she is a electrical bio-medical engineering major which i thought was incredible and so good for her. Katie told me that she is from the city of Downey which is not very far from Long Beach. Katie is talented! she told me that she loves to sing. She even sings in front of an audience from time to time. I really admire people who have the courage to do that. Katie told me that she sang at a pageant for the women in engineering club at CSULB.

Also, another fun fact about Katie that she told me is that she has a twin brother! i thought that was really awesome because i have a twin sister. Also last week i interviewed someone who also had a twin brother. All in all, i really enjoyed having a conversation with Katie.


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