Week 5 – Artist Interview- Tldawhitney Lek

This week i really enjoyed the work presented by the Drawing and Painting Club. Their artwork was really beautiful and caught my attention. Their show “Visions” was really interesting and I liked the style of painting that was used. I learned that students submitted their works of art to the Drawing and Painting Club and the jury made a selection by choosing work that was “visually and and intellectually compelling” that could be showcased in the presentation of the department.

The painting that was my favorite was My Love For Grandma by artist Tldawhitney Lek. My favorite paintings are usually ones that have people as the main subject of the painting because I feel that i can connect with it more than abstract paintings. I really loved how the picture used a wide range of red colors and I thought the whole painting showed a lot of emotion from the artist. To me, the painting meant family and the love for family we all have.IMG_2038


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