Week 5 -Activity- Kickstarter







For this Kickstarter activity I chose these four videos to talk about. I chose the dance category and Food category. They seemed like the most appealing to me. First of all, the dance video that i didn’t like very much was the Columbus Moving Company. The video did not seem very persuasive to me. I didn’t like the dancing that was presented in the video. I also did not like the music and overall i thought the video was a little cheesy. The second dance video Tampopo Redux i loved! I think the speaker in the video was very persuasive and you could really see her passion to make this video. I even watched a little clip that the speaker posted on her page of a sneak preview of the dance video she was trying to make. For the food category the first video A Shop for Daly Pie was pretty good. I thought it was a nice video and presented really good information about where the money will be helping her pie and coffee business. However i think the video lacked feedback from people to say that they enjoyed her product. Lastly, i really liked the Green Pea Cookie video for the food category. It was such a pleasant video to watch and i felt like the people were actually genuine people who wanted some help to start their business. Also, they even went around and offered people to try their product and received good comments and feedback.


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