Week 4-Classmate Interview- Marisol Lopez

Week after week it is both interesting and a little challenging finding someone to interview in the gallery. This week, i walked into the gallery and saw one of the girls I interviewed last week and we started chatting. However, when i looked around for a approachable looking person to interview for this week i couldn’t find one because it seemed as if everyone already started their interviews. However, as i looked around again someone quickly walked up to me and kindly asked me if i had someone to interview and introduced herself as Marisol! đŸ™‚

Marisol was such a nice enjoyable person to interview. I found out that we had some things in common as well. It turns out that Marisol went to Jordan High School here in Long beach which was my home school, but i went to Wilson. She told me that she used to play soccer but didn’t play for high school because she didn’t like the way the they ran their practices. I also used to play soccer and i played in High School. Marisol is a freshman at CSULB like me đŸ™‚ and is a mechanical engineer major. I thought it was very impressive when she told me that she interned at Boeing Aerospace field and would like to design air crafts for space.

Marisol told me that she enjoys listening to rock music as do I. She works on campus at the student life and development office where she oversees the clubs and event she has to organize. Marisol told me that shIMG_1948e and her boyfriend have been dating for 3 years! it made me so happy to hear that she is in a good relationship that has lasted a long time for our age group and i wish her the best! All in all, i really enjoyed my conversation with Marisol she was such a great person to meet!:)


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