Week 4 -Artist Interview- Makaila Palmer

This week as i wandered into the gatov-west gallery i was immediately captivated by the scenery the paintings around me all displayed. With all the beautiful colors the paintings had, it really made the gallery stand out. It seemed that “Odyssey: an intellectual or spiritual wandering, a long voyage”  was the subject of the show. The drawings and paintings in the exhibit are based on places explored and re-imagined. Each artwork attempts to poetically piece together the emotional and intangible experiences. The painting that i thought was the most intriguing was Florence by Makaila Palmer. I have always wanted to travel when i get older and looking at the painting made me imaginIMG_1949e actually traveling to Italy and all the things i could explore there to make memories.

According to Makaila, time and space are intertwined and “memoryscapes” are created through depiction of specific foreign cities while color and style of rendering show the power of personal connection. Florence exhibits and embraces the excitement of a new city, new country, and a new experience. This is exactly what i plan to achieve one day in reality. To have the chance to travel to foreign  beautiful cities and countries and experience new things.


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