Week 4- Activity- The Anissa Show

This week’s activity was to make the “Mina Show” our show! I decided to have my “Show” at work lol since I feel like I am always there. I have been working at Baskin Robbins for almost eight months now. It is my first job ever and it has been an interesting part of my life. I feel like i have really grown as a person because having a job that deals with customer service has made me a little less shy and feeling like i am actually an adult who has to work for their money instead of just being given it. I have learned to value my money now even though i haven’t quite learned how to save it LOL. I have had many ups and downs of working because it is my first job. I do get quite sore and tired from having to stand up for hours and lifting heavy tubs all the time and i am always sore from my back and my feet. However, i am grateful to have a job now because i know that many people have jobs with more labor than me.

So, for the activity towards the end of my six hour shift on Friday night, i had the idea to take a picture with my coworkers! One of them is one of my best friends who just started working here :). As i clocked out i got my phone out of my bag and asked my coworkers to take a picture with me and one of them was too shy but i convinced her to lol. It was the first picture i have taken at work and i really like the picture :).IMG_1957


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