Week 3- Classmate interview- Roxana Gutierrez

The classmate I interviewed this week was Roxana Gutierrez. She was really friendly and a nice person to have a conversation with during the art gallery shows. I learned that her major at CSULB is in Psychology. However, she isn’t sure if she wants to switch her major because of all the new classes she will have to take and whether she will really enjoy it.

During the time I spent talking with Roxana i thought that she looked familiar but i couldn’t remember from where. It turned out that we went to Elementrary School together. She told me that she has a twin brother and she remembered that i have a twin sister. Also, she has been working at Target for seven months now and attende lakewood High School here in Long  IMG_1885Beach. It was really nice to get to talk to her again and see how she has liked school so far.


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