Week 3 -Activity-Instagram

This weeks Instagram activity turned out to be really interesting and fun! In the beginning I was a little pessimistic about the whole thing but it turned out to be the opposite. The activity really showed me how everyone leads different lives but we are all connected to each other  by going to CSULB and connected with this class we are all in right now.

I posted four pictures with the #art110s15 throughout the day. One of the pictures meant a lot to me because it was with my boyfriend who i have been together with for six months now and it was really special to me. Furthermore, i found myself refreshing and going back to our instagram page because i was interested in what my classmates would post. I learned how different and similar everyone is in what they chose to post. I really enjoyed the scenery photography  that i noticed on the page.

All in all, it was really intriguing to discover how different everyone in the class live’s are and what they do different throughout the day than me. I enjoyed looking at all the posts which connected us all together as a classIMG_1893[1] IMG_1894[1].


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