week 2 -classmate interview- Jessa Camago

The person that I interviewed this week was Jessa Camago. I met her when I first walked into the art gallery not knowing anyone in the class yet and she was so friendly and talkative. I learned that her major is in business and she is also a freshman like me. So we got to be able to relate to each other and what we have experienced as freshman. We talked about what classes we have taken so far and about the professors we’ve had. She also dorms and is from Lancaster, California. She explained how she isn’t really homesick because she goes back to her hometown whenever she wants. We connected   on the subject of sports. She played tennis in High School and really loves the sport as I told her I played soccer in High School as well. She also  plays for the club tennis team at CSULB and really enjoys it. IMG_1733


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