week 2-Activity-Painting

The painting art activity was actually a very good and fun experience for me. Surprisingly, I enjoyed the whole process of it. I have never spray painted before so I was a little unsure of the activity in the beginning. However, I watched the videos about the bubble words and I practiced before I actually used the spray cans. Then, i went on to practice using the spray cans on pieces of cardboard I found around my house. It was really fun painting and trying a new thing. Lastly, I used a large piece of wood that I found in my backyard and started my art piece. I knew that it wasn’t going to be perfect so I just tried the best that i could. So, I first wrote my name in black and let it dry and then I filled it in with my purple spray can and let it dry. The whole experience was fun and rewarding and I was proud of how it actually came out!IMG_1743 (1)


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