Week 5 -Activity- Kickstarter







For this Kickstarter activity I chose these four videos to talk about. I chose the dance category and Food category. They seemed like the most appealing to me. First of all, the dance video that i didn’t like very much was the Columbus Moving Company. The video did not seem very persuasive to me. I didn’t like the dancing that was presented in the video. I also did not like the music and overall i thought the video was a little cheesy. The second dance video Tampopo Redux i loved! I think the speaker in the video was very persuasive and you could really see her passion to make this video. I even watched a little clip that the speaker posted on her page of a sneak preview of the dance video she was trying to make. For the food category the first video A Shop for Daly Pie was pretty good. I thought it was a nice video and presented really good information about where the money will be helping her pie and coffee business. However i think the video lacked feedback from people to say that they enjoyed her product. Lastly, i really liked the Green Pea Cookie video for the food category. It was such a pleasant video to watch and i felt like the people were actually genuine people who wanted some help to start their business. Also, they even went around and offered people to try their product and received good comments and feedback.


Week 5 – Artist Interview- Tldawhitney Lek

This week i really enjoyed the work presented by the Drawing and Painting Club. Their artwork was really beautiful and caught my attention. Their show “Visions” was really interesting and I liked the style of painting that was used. I learned that students submitted their works of art to the Drawing and Painting Club and the jury made a selection by choosing work that was “visually and and intellectually compelling” that could be showcased in the presentation of the department.

The painting that was my favorite was My Love For Grandma by artist Tldawhitney Lek. My favorite paintings are usually ones that have people as the main subject of the painting because I feel that i can connect with it more than abstract paintings. I really loved how the picture used a wide range of red colors and I thought the whole painting showed a lot of emotion from the artist. To me, the painting meant family and the love for family we all have.IMG_2038

Week 5- Classmate Interview- Katie Leyba

This week in the art galleries it took me a little longer to find someone to interview. As i looked around the gallery it seemed that everyone had someone to interview already. However, one more look around and someone introduced herself to me and it was Katie Leyba! So Katie and I interviewed each other last week and she was so nice and firendly. I learned many things about Katie during our conversation.

First of all, Katie Leyba is a sophomorIMG_2040e at CSULB. I am a freshman so it was nice to see things from a different point of view this time. She told me that she is a electrical bio-medical engineering major which i thought was incredible and so good for her. Katie told me that she is from the city of Downey which is not very far from Long Beach. Katie is talented! she told me that she loves to sing. She even sings in front of an audience from time to time. I really admire people who have the courage to do that. Katie told me that she sang at a pageant for the women in engineering club at CSULB.

Also, another fun fact about Katie that she told me is that she has a twin brother! i thought that was really awesome because i have a twin sister. Also last week i interviewed someone who also had a twin brother. All in all, i really enjoyed having a conversation with Katie.

Week 4- Activity- The Anissa Show

This week’s activity was to make the “Mina Show” our show! I decided to have my “Show” at work lol since I feel like I am always there. I have been working at Baskin Robbins for almost eight months now. It is my first job ever and it has been an interesting part of my life. I feel like i have really grown as a person because having a job that deals with customer service has made me a little less shy and feeling like i am actually an adult who has to work for their money instead of just being given it. I have learned to value my money now even though i haven’t quite learned how to save it LOL. I have had many ups and downs of working because it is my first job. I do get quite sore and tired from having to stand up for hours and lifting heavy tubs all the time and i am always sore from my back and my feet. However, i am grateful to have a job now because i know that many people have jobs with more labor than me.

So, for the activity towards the end of my six hour shift on Friday night, i had the idea to take a picture with my coworkers! One of them is one of my best friends who just started working here :). As i clocked out i got my phone out of my bag and asked my coworkers to take a picture with me and one of them was too shy but i convinced her to lol. It was the first picture i have taken at work and i really like the picture :).IMG_1957

Week 4 -Artist Interview- Makaila Palmer

This week as i wandered into the gatov-west gallery i was immediately captivated by the scenery the paintings around me all displayed. With all the beautiful colors the paintings had, it really made the gallery stand out. It seemed that “Odyssey: an intellectual or spiritual wandering, a long voyage”  was the subject of the show. The drawings and paintings in the exhibit are based on places explored and re-imagined. Each artwork attempts to poetically piece together the emotional and intangible experiences. The painting that i thought was the most intriguing was Florence by Makaila Palmer. I have always wanted to travel when i get older and looking at the painting made me imaginIMG_1949e actually traveling to Italy and all the things i could explore there to make memories.

According to Makaila, time and space are intertwined and “memoryscapes” are created through depiction of specific foreign cities while color and style of rendering show the power of personal connection. Florence exhibits and embraces the excitement of a new city, new country, and a new experience. This is exactly what i plan to achieve one day in reality. To have the chance to travel to foreign  beautiful cities and countries and experience new things.

Week 4-Classmate Interview- Marisol Lopez

Week after week it is both interesting and a little challenging finding someone to interview in the gallery. This week, i walked into the gallery and saw one of the girls I interviewed last week and we started chatting. However, when i looked around for a approachable looking person to interview for this week i couldn’t find one because it seemed as if everyone already started their interviews. However, as i looked around again someone quickly walked up to me and kindly asked me if i had someone to interview and introduced herself as Marisol! 🙂

Marisol was such a nice enjoyable person to interview. I found out that we had some things in common as well. It turns out that Marisol went to Jordan High School here in Long beach which was my home school, but i went to Wilson. She told me that she used to play soccer but didn’t play for high school because she didn’t like the way the they ran their practices. I also used to play soccer and i played in High School. Marisol is a freshman at CSULB like me 🙂 and is a mechanical engineer major. I thought it was very impressive when she told me that she interned at Boeing Aerospace field and would like to design air crafts for space.

Marisol told me that she enjoys listening to rock music as do I. She works on campus at the student life and development office where she oversees the clubs and event she has to organize. Marisol told me that shIMG_1948e and her boyfriend have been dating for 3 years! it made me so happy to hear that she is in a good relationship that has lasted a long time for our age group and i wish her the best! All in all, i really enjoyed my conversation with Marisol she was such a great person to meet!:)

Week 3- Classmate interview- Roxana Gutierrez

The classmate I interviewed this week was Roxana Gutierrez. She was really friendly and a nice person to have a conversation with during the art gallery shows. I learned that her major at CSULB is in Psychology. However, she isn’t sure if she wants to switch her major because of all the new classes she will have to take and whether she will really enjoy it.

During the time I spent talking with Roxana i thought that she looked familiar but i couldn’t remember from where. It turned out that we went to Elementrary School together. She told me that she has a twin brother and she remembered that i have a twin sister. Also, she has been working at Target for seven months now and attende lakewood High School here in Long  IMG_1885Beach. It was really nice to get to talk to her again and see how she has liked school so far.